Book Launch: Cevdet Erek, SSS; BAS

Bent 004
Shore Scene Soundtrack
Theme and Variations for Carpet
Cevdet Erek

Book Launch
Tuesday February 5th
Meşrutiyet Cad. 92 A Tünel, Beyoğlu, Istanbul

SSS can be seen as an attempt to share a discovery. It explains in detail to the reader how one can mimic the sea by using hands and a piece of carpet, how this can be done simply for oneself or formally as a performance. The required state of mind for making the imitation is treated with the same precision as technique and necessary equipment. Humorously but without irony, Erek constructs a subjective guide, beginning with a contemplation on the imitation of nature, passing through a step-by-step manual to a form of music notation.

SSS is part of the Bent series. To learn more about Bent books click here.

Official drink of the event: GUSTA
We thank Efes Pilsen for the support.