KORİDOR 1988-1995

10.05 – 05.06.2010
Opening: 10.05.2010 / 18.30
KORİDOR Talk: 22.05.2010 / 16.00

KORİDOR is a mail art collective from Turkey that was active between 1988 and 1995. It was conceived and realized by Yılmaz Aysan, Alparslan Baloğlu, Serhat Kiraz, Ahmet Öktem, Ergül Özkutan under the coordination of Zerrin İren Boynudelik. A very important example of self-organization in Turkish Contemporary Art, KORİDOR was also an interesting model for questioning the notions of “limited “ editions and dissemination, the idea of periodical and production on demand. Originally it was planned to be distributed quarterly, but in practice it turned out to become an annual production. KORİDOR has produced eight issues between 1988 and 1995: KORİDOR Sample Issue (1988), KORİDOR 1 (1989), KORİDOR 2 (1990), KORİDOR 3 (1991), KORİDOR 4 (1992), KORİDOR 5 (1993), KORİDOR 6 (1994), KORİDOR 7 (1995). By “filing” printed matter, audio recordings, found objects and critical texts from art history, each KORİDOR contained local and international works of several artists coming from very diverse practices such as: Oruç Aruoba, Canan Beykal, Daniel Buren, Aydan Murtezaoğlu, Ahmet Müderrisoğlu, and Faruk Ulay. The complete KORİDOR archive, including eight issues, will be displayed together for the first time at this exhibition. A talk will take place at BAS, on Saturday May 22, 2010 where the KORİDOR artists will be present and share their experiences about the collective.