Book Launch: Daniel Knorr, Artist Book; BAS

This book is the eighth edition in a series of artists’ books by Daniel Knorr called Carte De Artiste**, which he started in Romania in 2007. Value-free objects and trash are collected in public spaces by the artist and inserted between the pages of an empty book which has been prepared to host the compilation. Then they are pressed flat with an industrial 30- ton press. Each edition is made in a different country, and has the same size, the same name and the same edition number of 200 unique copies. Aiming at a global encyclopedia, the series includes editions from Romania, China, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Sweden and Armenia. Each book contains a DVD with a film made especially for each edition, which documents the process of “making” the work. The eighth edition has been realized in Istanbul in collaboration with BAS. On the occasion of the launch, the previous editions will also be displayed in the space.

Daniel Knorr (1968, Bucarest) lives and works in Berlin.

With our thanks to Nevin Aladağ, Deha Boduroğlu, Ali Cindoruk, Philippine Hoegen, Merve Kılıçer, Anna Niwa, Yavuz Parlar, Cana Sakaoğlu, Yakup Yiıldız, Psycho, Foundation for Art Initiatives, The Marmara Hotels and Residences.

** Artist’s Book in Romanian