13 September, 6:30 PM

BAS Necati Bey Caddesi 32/2
Karaköy, İstanbul

Reading between Bromley’s Speak to Me, a book on radio in the German Democratic Republic, and Di Bianco’s ongoing catalog of apologies and re-statements, Corrections and Clarifications – also revisiting Düzeltmeler ve Açıklamalar, the 2014 edition of Corrections and Clarifications published in conjunction with BAS and collectorspace.  

The event will be held in English and registration is not required to participate.

Speak to Me, Anna Bromley
An artist’s compilation of semi-fictional essays, conversations with and illustrations by Michael Fesca and photographs by Sandy Volz 
Published by: Edition Error (Berlin, 2022)

In the mid-1970s a radio amplifier from Italy made its way into the region of France, southern Germany and Switzerland. Its electronic pulse gave voice to opponents of nuclear power, protesting farmers and striking workers. In 1980, it moved north to the Free Republic of Wendland. After the security forces cleared the occupied anti-nuclear camp, a photographer took in this wounded “radio thing”. Decades later, the activist amplifier lies on display in a cabinet at Berlin’s Technikmuseum, silently and stoically enduring the injuries of the past. Speak to me explores its history and dreams, occasionally rescuing other marginalized radio stories from obscurity.

Anna Bromley is an artist and writer living in Berlin. Her furtive radio listening in the disintegrating GDR forms the starting point of her artistic research on clandestine radiophonic protest groups. Following an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, she dispatches her own radio voice in search of improvised radio speech beyond state-supported broadcasters, hand-soldered amplifiers, police surveillance protocols, and polyphonic memories.

Corrections and Clarifications, Anita Di Bianco
An ongoing newsprint project (2001- )

Corrections and Clarifications is an intermittent newspaper without headlines, an edited compilation of daily revisions, retractions, re-wordings, distinctions and apologies to print and online news from September 2001 to the present. A catalog of lapses in naming and classification, of tangled catchphrases, patterns of mis-speech and inflection, connotation and enumeration. The Error is Regretted / Wir entschuldigen uns für diesen Fehler, the 20th anniversary edition of the project, was published in 2021 by The Green Box in Berlin, with essays by Anna Bromley, Francesco Gagliardi, and Florian Wüst.

Anita Di Bianco’s works in film, video, and print take up, modify and re-work existing and re-imagined patterns and characterization. Her work involves the imitative act, the repossession and expulsion of narratives, the appropriation and accumulation of familiar texts and writing styles, using widely varying sources – from theatrical and historical texts to oft-quoted cinematic clips and thematic references. She lives in Frankfurt am Main.

Speak to Me, Anna Bromley (Edition Error, Berlin, 2022)