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Thanks to: Nihan Somay, Görkem İmrek, Corinne Butta, Berra Güvenç


April 27 – May 11, 2024

BAS presents Unveil, an exhibition and performance series by Mk Yurttaş based on their research on artists’ books.

Organized in collaboration with PerformistanbulUnveilfocuses on interspecies and posthuman bodies and spaces. The artist invites the audience to engage in a performative reading of the archive by activating their works in various media spread throughout the BAS space with a series of performances.

The exhibition will be on view on Fridays and Saturdays between 3 pm – 6 pm. Performances are limited to 8 people and a reservation is required to participate.

Performance calendar
April 27, 6 pm 
May 3, 6 pm 
May 4, 6 pm 
May 10, 6 pm 
May 11, 6 pm

Mk Yurttaş lives in Istanbul and continues their artistic and academic research in collaboration with Performistanbul and at Haliç University. They hold a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from ITU Architecture, where they focused on the hybridization of body and space. They received their PhD from YTU with a thesis titled The Posthuman Body as an Interdisciplinary Concept in Contemporary Art. Their works consist of performance, installation, sound, video, photography, drawing, text and spatial interventions, as part of an ongoing artistic research project titled mikaye.